ARC Assessment Collection Policy

Assessments are applied on an annual basis and billed in one installment, due January 31st. For Annual Assessments with a payment plan, the installments are due January 31st, February 28th and March 31st.  

December 31th –Annual Assessments are mailed to ARC homeowners.

January 31st – Annual Assessments are due. There is an automatic lien on any property with an Assessment balance.

February 1st – Assessments are delinquent.

February 15th - A $20.00 late fee is applied to delinquent accounts. This fee cannot be waived. Past Due Statements are mailed.

March 15th – A 30-day demand letter is sent by certified mail for any delinquent accounts. An additional $20.00 Processing Fee will be added to the delinquent account balance. This fee cannot be waived. An unclaimed certified letter will not halt the collections process. Interest is applied at 10% per annum on the delinquent Assessment balance and on the 15th of each following month until the delinquent account is paid in full.

March 31st – Assessments must be paid in full, including payment plans. Membership will be suspended with no rights to utilize any facilities of the ARC until Assessments are paid in full.

April 15th – The delinquent account will be referred to the ARC attorneys for collection, adding fees starting at $250.00 to the delinquent balance. The delinquent account may be subject to further collection procedures, including foreclosure on the HOA lien. Further payment and communications must be directly with the ARC attorneys until the balance is paid in full.

*The Association has an automatic lien on a property from the time the assessment becomes due. ARS§33-1256. Each Assessment is the personal obligation of the person or entity who owns the property at the time the Assessment falls due. No owner may escape liability by nonuse of the ARC facilities or abandonment of the property. Per: ARC CC&Rs Article 4. A claim of not receiving an invoice is not sufficient reason to have the charges waived. Please refer to the ARC CC&Rs and Bylaws for homeowner contractual obligations.

Please communicate with the ARC Business Office if experiencing financial hardship to discuss payment options prior to due dates.