Homeowners in the Ahwatukee Recreation Center (ARC) area are provided with the Rules and Regulations, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and By-Laws at the time of purchase.  They provide the guidelines for the new owner(s) to understand what is allowed and not allowed living in an active adult community.  However there are questions that come up daily not included in these three documents.  They involve member access, Annual Assessments, guest policies, rental questions, and more.  Here are the answers to a number of real life questions that we have dealt with.  We hope these Questions and Answers help:

ARC Homeowner FAQs:

 55+ Community Compliance

Question:  I have lived in the ARC community for years now.  Why am I required to complete the HOPA Age Verification form every two years to verify what you already know?

Answer:  The administration of the HOPA (Housing of Old People Act) requires us to validate the information every two years.  We maintain the documents in order to be able to show that we are in compliance with the requirements of the Act.

Question:  My grandson and his pregnant girlfriend have moved in with me.  Are they allowed to stay with me after the baby is born?

Answer:  No.  Your grandson will have to make different arrangements after the baby is born. No one allowed under the age of 18, is allowed to reside in an ARC property.

Annual Assessments

Question: How do I pay my assessment.

Answer: You may pay your assessment online. Additionally, you can submit a check payment to:         

                Ahwatukee Recreation Center
Lockbox# 51555
P.O. Box 51555
Los Angeles, CA  90051-5855


Question: Why do I have to pay an assessment if I don’t use the facility?

Answer: The Ahwatukee Recreation Center is the HOA (Homeowners Association) for the Community and membership is based on property ownership, not on usage.

Question:  My spouse has passed away.  Am I still required to pay the full Annual Assessment?

Answer:  Yes. The annual assessment is based on property ownership - For more information: click here 


Property Resales

Question:  I sold my home during the year.  Will I get balance of years Annual Assessment returned to me?

Answer: Usually that’s between the buyer and the seller, consult with your realtor.


Question: When I sell my property can I still use the Ahwatukee Recreation Center?

Answer: Yes, but you’ll need to join as a social member. Six month and 12 month memberships are available.
To see the rates: Click Here
Social membership application: Click Here

Renting Out Your Property

Question:  Is there a fee for registering my property as a rental?

Answer:  No.  However, the homeowner will need to fill out Non Owner Occupied” form (Click Here), listing renters’ names and lease dates and provide to estherm@arcaz.net. This information will be kept on file until the rental term ends. Keep in mind that renters must be 55 years or older.

Question:  I use a property management company to handle the rental of my property.  I just                                                    found out that my renters are younger than 55 years old.  What do I do?

Answer:  You need to contact your property management company and advise them that you are in violation of the ARC Rules and Regulations and that the renters must leave the property.

Question:  Is my renter allowed to use the ARC facilities?

Answer:   Yes. The homeowner will need to fill out the “Non owner Occupied” form (Click Here). This form allows the homeowner to assign their membership to the renter.


Question:  If I do not want to transfer my ARC membership to my renters, are they allowed to use the ARC Facility?

Answer:  Yes, however they would have to join the ARC as Social Members (Click Here) and pay the                                                           appropriate fee for the membership.


Memberships/Facility Usage FAQs:


Membership Credentials

Question:  I’ve moved into my new home in the ARC area.  How do I get my membership card to                                             access the facility?

Answer:  Stop by the Front Desk with your personal identification (usually a drivers’ license). You will be required to fill out a membership form and take a picture. Within a few days your card will be completed.

Question:  I own a property in the ARC area.  My significant other is credential as a designated member.  We are no longer together.  How do I rescind their access to the ARC Facility?

Answer:   You need to visit the ARC Business Office and let us know the person is no longer living on the property.  Their membership card will be deactivated.


Homeowner Add-On Memberships/Guests

Question:  My spouse has passed away and I have a caregiver.  Is my caregiver allowed to accompany me to the ARC?

Answer:  Yes. We welcome caregivers at the ARC for the health and safety of our members. However, care givers must be “giving care” to the member and remain with them at all times.

Question: My parents are homeowners in the ARC community, but they never use the facility, can I use it in their place?

Answer: No. Membership is entitled to homeowner(s) residing on the property.

Question:  There are three people living in the property, me, my spouse and our adult child.  Can the adult child get a credential to use the ARC Facility?

Answer:  Yes.  There are two ways to provide them access.  First, you or your spouse can forfeit your membership to your adult child.  Remember, each household is allowed two memberships for those living on the property.  Second, you can retain your memberships and purchase a “Resident Guest Pass” (Click Here) for your adult child.

Question:  My brother and his wife have moved in with us and will be with us more than the 14 days allowed for out-of-town guests.  Are they able to use the ARC facility beyond the 14 day period?

Answer:  Yes.  However, they would have to purchase a Resident Guest Pass for the period of their stay beyond the initial 14 days.  These passes can be arranged based on a monthly fee.  Our Front Desk Personnel can provide you with the details.


Question:  I am a Designated Member, why am I not allowed to bring guests?

Answer:  As a Designated Member you are living in the property but not an owner of the property.


Guests Under 18 Years Old

Question:  When I bring my grandchildren and/or great grandchildren to the ARC for swim hours can I also bring their parents, my adult children, without counting it as one of their 6 visits per year?

Answer:  There is no limit to the number of visits for children’s’ swim hours.  As long as the adult children stay with their children in the pool, it will not count toward  6 annual guest visits rule.


Question:  Is there a limit to the number of children that I can bring to the pool during the allotted times?

Answer:  There is not a set number. We ask that our members use discretion and understand that we have to share the pool with other members during these time frames as well.  Remember, there is no lifeguard on duty.


Question:  Are my guests allowed to bring their young children (less than 18 years old) to the                                                     fitness rooms, hot tub or aerobic classes.

Answer:  No.  Guests less than 18 years old are restricted to the pools during the hours set for their use.


Question:  Are children less than 18 years old allowed in the locker room during their visit.

Answer: Yes. Children are allowed to use the restrooms, but they are not permitted in the showers in the locker room.  There are outdoor showers available adjacent to the indoor and outdoor pool for their use.


Question:  I babysit my toddler grandchild during the day.  Can I bring him/her to the Fitness                                                      Rooms or the Aerobics Room if they remain in a stroller or car seat?

Answer:  No. Children are allowed in the pools only during children’s visiting hours while supervised by an adult who can swim.



Social Memberships

Question:  I am a one-year Social Member of the ARC.  I would like to add my spouse to the                                                        membership.  What do I need to do?

Answer:  Contact the business office and we will gladly add your spouse to your membership,  additional fee will be required.

Question:  I am a one year Social Member that has moved during the year and I am no longer able to come to the ARC.  Can I get a refund of my dues for the balance of the year?

Answer:  No.  Social Memberships are Non-refundable and Non-transferrable.


Question:  I joined the ARC with a six-month membership.  It is now July 1st and I would like to extend my membership to year end.  Can I pay the difference between the full year cost and the amount I paid for the six-month membership?

Answer: Yes.

Question: I bought a single membership to the ARC; can I add my co - worker to my membership and get the couple membership?

Answer: Couple memberships are entitled to couples residing in the same property. Proof of residency is required.


Question: I am a social member, am I allowed to bring a guest?

Answer: Yes, you are entitled to bring a guest, 6 times a year.


Use of Amenities/Clubs

Question:  I am a member of the ARC but not a member of the Pickleball Club.  Am I allowed                                                      access to the pickleball courts?

Answer:  Yes.  The pickleball courts are accessible to all our members.  You will need to check in at the Front Desk. It is first come, first serve.  If you’re interested in joining the Pickleball Club go to Pickleball Club for more information.


Question:  I am a member of the ARC but not a member of the Table Tennis Club.  Am I allowed                                               access to the table tennis tables?

Answer:  Yes.  The table tennis tables are accessible to all our members.  There are paddles and balls available at the Front Desk or you may bring your own.

Question:  I am a member of the ARC.  How do I get involved in the craft activities in Building C.?

Answer:  Building C includes a number of craft activities including:  the Wood Shop, Stained Glass,Jewelry Making, Clay, Pottery, Ceramics as well as the Quilters Club.  These are all clubs with set hours during the week.  You can find the days and hours on our website at arcaz.net.  Most of the clubs have Monitors to insure the safety of their members.  The clubs also offer training in                skills of their craft.

Question:  If we come over in the evening are we allowed to use the Fire Pit?

Answer:  Yes.  Our Front Desk Personnel or Maintenance Staff Personnel will light the Fire Pit upon request.


Question:  I see you have a hydraulic chair for access to the indoor pool.  Am I allowed to use the chair and if so what do I need to do to gain access?

Answer:  Yes.  The battery for the chair is located at the Front Desk.  The Front Desk person will                                                contact our maintenance staff to assist you with the operation of the chair.

Question:  I see gas grills and gas heating towers on the patio area south of the Main Hall.  Are they available for use by the members?

Answer:  No. They are used for special functions usually for club sponsored events at the ARC.

Question:  I have an Emotional Support/Therapy Animal that accompanies me everywhere.  Am I allowed to bring it with me to the ARC?

Answer:  No. For the safety of our members, ARC policy provides that properly trained and identified Service Animals may accompany members to the ARC but not Emotional Support Animals.

Question: I have a concealed weapons permit from the Arizona Department of Public Safety                                                      (DPS), am I allowed to bring a weapon with me to the ARC?

Answer: No, the ARC does not allow firearms or weapons of any kind.



Private Rental of ARC Facility Space

Question:  Are we allowed to use the Main Hall or other meeting rooms for private functions?

Answer:  Yes, however, you will need to make arrangements through our Activities Director, Mary Lentz at maryl@arcaz.net, to check for availability and cost of the venue requested.

Question:  Can we make arrangements to have a family reunion and reserve the pool?

Answer:  No. We cannot make the pool available for large family gatherings because it would significantly limit use by members during your event.


Services for ARC Members

Question:  I am a member of the ARC.  Is there a place that I can have copies made or FAXs sent?

Answer:  Yes.  The Front Desk Staff is able to help with making copies and sending a FAX.  The cost of copies is five (5) cents per page and FAXs are one dollar ($1.00) per page.

Question: Do you have a notary?

Answer: Yes. We provide a notary for all our members free of charge. Contact Selina at 480-893-2549 or at selinad@arcaz.net to make appointment.

Question:  I don't see the large recycle bins west of Building C anymore.  Am I able to use the other recycle bins?

Answer:  No. We are no longer able to accept member recycling.

Question:  I see a large trash dumpster south of the parking lot.  Am I able to use that dumpster for my personal trash?

Answer:  No.  The dumpster you see is for ARC Maintenance Staff use only.  The dumpster is                                                     locked to ensure use is restricted to the ARC staff.