Membership in the ARC HOA is included when you purchase a home in the ARC HOA area.

If you are not a homeowner but wish to join the ARC, you may purchase a "Social" membership. 

If you are renting a home in the ARC HOA community, you may become a member. The owner of the house where you reside must complete a non-owner occupied form to authorize your use of the ARC during the term of your lease.  

Even your guests may use the facilities.

**Please note that single membership requires the individual be at least 55 years of age.
For a couples membership, only one of the individuals must be 55 years of age.**

Social Membership Application Form: Click here

Non-owner Occupied Application: Click here
**This form must be submitted every year that you occupy the home.**

2024 Membership Fees: 
Click here

Resident Guest Form: Click here